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İstanbul Shore Excursions
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İstanbul Shore Excursions
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While İstanbul is the 1st most crowded city in Turkey almost 15 million resdent and almost 10 million tourists both domestic and foreign, it is also the 1st city which offers working opportunities for all sectors. While travel in turkey most of tourist may expect to see mostly historical places and museums,additionaly they can see the new city' s raising with high buildings as a surprise. If you preffered İstanbul for any reason and you desire to walk around, you need take this population into account during between some hours at least. If you preffered to visit some places by yourself instead of participate in an İstanbul excursion tour and this is first time to that way we advice you prefer public transaportion not to stuck in the traffic. If you will pass to Anatolian side or coming from that side steamboat may be the best way and it is possible to find from Eminönü and Beşiktaş to Kadıköy.

If you would like to come from Airport way its a good choice to use tramway and metro. You may take a taxi anyway but small groups travelling by themselves as an istanbul tours, usually prefer public transfer . It also helps you to see the real life in istanbul.

If you decided to tour by yourself another advice is to have small booklets from tourism information offices that they can help you to notice the other places on the way and around. If you didn' t own a brochure or booklets it is probable to pass any of the significant places since the historical places are not far away from each other.
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İstanbul Shore Excursions
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