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Bosphorus Tours , Bosphorus Tours İstanbul
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Bosphorus Tours , Bosphorus Tours İstanbul
İstanbul Bosphorus Tours  
[Resim: bosphourstours.jpg]
Shine or rain, public and private boats glide along the seventeen-mile strategic finger of the
Bosphorus Strait; it is a “must” to take a ride, truly an Istanbul Bosphorus highlight. Boat
rides usually begin in Eminönü – grab a ubiquitous grilled fish sandwich at the pier before
boarding to plane – and ride as far as the castle and lighthouse on the Black Sea, passing
ancient wooden houses (yalis), palaces, mosques, and multi-million-dollar ultra-modern
Alighting your cruise from any of several docks, a typical Bosphorus cruise (Bosphorus Tours
İstanbul) will take you on a loop of Istanbul’s best striking monuments through the İstanbul
Bosporus Strait. At over thirty meters long, you will cover almost half of the strait in a short-
circle cruise ( about 2 hours), or all of it in a full-circle or long cruise ( about 4-6 hours).
Depending on your beginning point, you can enter and exit that sightseeing loop at any point
and take a cruise past the following some touristic places.
Bosphorus Tours İstanbul
[Resim: dsc9802-copy-67f.jpg]
In the lower İstanbul Bosphorus Tours, near to Old City (Sultanahmet) and the downtown
center is Kabataş, a bustling transfer hub for land and sea. Just beyond is the Dolmabahçe
Mosque and its baroque Dolmabahçe clocktower, dating from the 1850s and projected by
the Balyan Brothers, famous Armenian architects of the period.
That is followed by the Dolmabahçe Palace, or “Filled In Garden”, taking its name from its
little inlet which was filled in to make this imperial palace and that later replaced Topkapi
Palace as the Sultans’ preferred residence. Constructed in the 19th century it is one of the
best attractive palaces in the world and has a white marble facade of over 280 meters along
the seafront.
Further on is Beşiktaş (mean in English is Cradle Stone) a busy town bursting with students
and ferry landing port, followed by Ciragan Palace. Constructed for Sultan Abdul Aziz in 1874
and he died here soon after being deposed and the palace housed his successors in a virtual
prison for the next 30 years. Palace later served a brief stint as the place of Turkish
Parliament in 1908, till it was burnt down in a fire and restored into one of the best luxury
Istanbul hotels. If you want to do ''Bosphorus Tours İstanbul'' please contact with us.
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Bosphorus Tours , Bosphorus Tours İstanbul
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