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Quality Posts About Life and Technology
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Quality Posts About Life and Technology
World technology giant Samsung dedicated the Future Life Report, which it prepared about how life will be in the next 100 years, to the system "SmartThings", which was seen as science fiction only 10 years ago, but turned into a reality today.

SmartThings Future Life Report, television host and one of Britain's leading space scientists, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock was written by leading academics, including award-winning futurist architects Arthur Mamou-Mani and Toby Burgess who teach at Westminster University, and pioneering urban planners Linda Aitken and Els Leclerq, by surveying 2000 people in the UK. James Monighan, Managing Director of Samsung SmartThings UK, responsible for the report; “Our homes, which are getting smarter and smarter, can now detect the presence of things like people, pets, smoke, moisture, lighting and dampness. And this is just the beginning. The smart home revolution will have extremely positive effects on our lifestyle. " said.

[Resim: 200504-AI1.jpg]

SmartThings Future Life Report Highlights:
- As the city area shrinks, we will dig deeper and build taller buildings
- Cars will be replaced by personal flying vehicles
- Our living spaces and standards will change as technology develops - We will establish a colony in space. First the Moon, then Mars, and then colonies beyond the galaxy will be established.

Super skyscrapers: Thanks to carbon nanotubes and diamond nano nodes, massive mega-structures will be built much higher than today's skyscrapers.

Underground skyscrapers: As we build into the sky, we will continue to dig down; gigantic structures will go down 25 floors or deeper.

Underwater cities: Water itself will be used to create a breathable atmosphere, and fuel will be obtained from hydrogen in this process, underwater cities will become a reality.

Flying vehicles: Some of us will be able to travel through the sky with our personal aircraft, while others will be powerful enough to transport the entire home around the world for vacation.

3D printed home and furniture: We will be able to print full replicas of large-scale structures such as houses from local and recyclable materials to enjoy the comfort of our home even while away.

[Resim: 1604913731_256602]

Flexible, smart walls: Thanks to smart walls, there will be no need to decorate the house; LED room surfaces will adapt to your mood.

Michelin-starred dishes from 3D printer: Recipes that cannot be cooked anymore or pizza orders that do not arrive will be history, instead we will download famous chefs' dishes that we can adapt to our personal wishes. With 3D printers, we will be able to prepare a feast in minutes or print our favorite cake.

Virtual meetings: Our working life will change with holograms that allow us to participate in meetings virtually without leaving the comfort of our home behind.

Medical cocoons: We will enter medical cocoons and our diseases will be digitally diagnosed, the needed medicine will be given automatically or a doctor will be connected to the cocoon remotely.

[Resim: What_is_Information_Technology.jpg]

The top 10 predictions about our future life determined by the survey are as follows:
Virtual business meetings - the possibility to work from anywhere and attend meetings via avatars / holograms 48%
Commercial flights to space 41%
Virtual interior decoration where you can program your surroundings / LED walls to suit your mood 26%
Houses / furniture / meals to be printed with 4.3 size printer 25%
Home screening capsules / cocoons that can diagnose health problems and administer medicines / treatments 24%
Colonizing other planets as resources on Earth dwindle 19%
Artificial intelligence becoming a part of daily life and replacing people in most sectors 18%
Giant skyscrapers that can accommodate an entire city; development of new super strong materials 18%
Hydroponic farms that do not require soil, where you can grow your own food at home 17%
Underground skyscrapers - huge cities built underground to avoid space constraints and provide more shelter 16%
SmartThings will be used in Samsung televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and robot vacuum cleaners.

For getting more detailed information about life and technology you should take a look at this page: https://technogezgin.com/en/
30-03-2021 17:19
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30-03-2021 17:19
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Quality Posts About Life and Technology
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